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One of the best cherry blossoms

in South Hokkaido.


In the Morimachi "Oniushi Park" and "Aobagaoka Park"1000 cherry blossoms in full bloom are waiting for the Cos player!


​【Morimachi Inari Shrine】

Morimachi Inari Shrine has been specially approved this time. We had permission to take pictures in the hall as well as in the premises. It is a power spot of Morimachi that people who know it know. You can also walk from the Sakura Festival venue in a few minutes.

​【Aobagaoka Park】

This park has restaurants and stages for events. You can enjoy not only cosplay but also cherry blossom viewing and each stage event with your friends.

​【Hyotan Pond】

It is a hidden attraction in Aobagaoka Park. Because it is located at the back of the park, you can enjoy shooting as much as you want. During the cherry blossom viewing season, the water flows into the pond and is surrounded by cherry blossoms.

​【Oniushi Park】

In this park, there are few cherry-blossom viewers, so you can enjoy cosplay photography adequately.

​【Changing Room & Headquarters】

The Morimachi Public Hall will be the changing room and the headquarters of Mascaré. Changing rooms are also available in ample size and number of rooms. The indoor parking lot on the first floor of the public hall is not available as a parking space, but it can be used as a shooting location.