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As a policy of "Mori-cho Cherry Blossom Festival Executive Committee", we are planning and managing aiming at events that anyone can easily participate without losing too much troublesome tying. So, we would like to cooperate not only with the cosplayer but also the tourists, we would like to make it a fun event for everyone involved, so please read through a few wishes from management.

≪Request for event visitors≫

  • Since events are held around the Mori - machi cherry blossom festival venue, there are also many people other than cherry - blossom viewers and event visitors. So please avoid taking pictures by occupying roads, shops, etc. so as not to bother the surrounding people.

  • All the cosplayers are people from the general public. Shooting can not be taken without permission. Please photograph after obtaining approval. Please be sure to post to SNS etc. after obtaining approval.

  • With regard to video distribution using the Internet, there is a possibility that unintended reflections may occur with both photographers and subjects, so it is prohibited in all related venues during the event period.

  • Do not force cosplayer, posing unrelated to the character of cosplay, etc., or restrain it for a long time. Acts that can be inconvenienced by cosplayers will be prohibited.

  • Based on the notes posted on the homepage, the staff is traveling around the hall on the day. If you speak to the staff, please follow the instructions.

  • I am able to hold this event with the efforts of many people. In the event of an act with no sense, a lot of detailed rules and prohibitions will have to be established in the future. Moreover, there is a possibility that future events can not be held either. We are looking forward to your continued cooperation in order to hold this event happily.

≪Request for cosplayer≫

  • If you are participating in Hanami Cosplay (Mori Mori), please be sure to register your name and other details at the Mascare Headquarters in the Moricho Public Hall before you move to the Cosplay venue. The participant's bookkeeping will be required for security operation reasons.

  • As this venue is a park, please try to make beautiful surroundings.

  • Since there is a possibility that interviews such as TV stations and newspaper companies will enter on the day of the event, please be forewarned.

  • In consideration of general tourists and other participants wanting to shoot or sightsee in the same place, acts such as taking not only the shooting itself but also staying in one place for a long time are also troublesome to others Please go so as not to. If you find a site that is likely to be in trouble, there is also the possibility of calling out from the staff, so we appreciate your understanding, thank you.

  • Please refrain from cosplay contrary to public order and morals, strong cosplay of thought, political color.

  • Take swords and guns (like mistakes in the real thing) to carry them in case, so please be careful not to give fear to the people around when shooting.

  • Please be careful in places where there is a danger of falling and falling.

  • Please note that the photographs taken by the official photographer will use that photo for the next event poster, website, proposal, etc. You will be allowed to give up the portrait right at the time of shooting permission, but if you tell the photographer that you do not want to destroy the portrait right at the stage of listening to your intention at the time of shooting, that is not the case.

  • Please use the parking lot around the venue. Also, as congestion is expected on the day, please use the surrounding MAP etc. described on this site.

  • Meals and shopping in cosplay costumes are free within the park area. Please use all means. Please be careful not to bother other customers.

  • If you find a suspicious activity, you are acting nuisely, or you witnessed a nuisance, please do not hesitate to let the management staff know because the management staff is patrolling.

≪Regarding changing rooms≫

  • Shooting acts in changing rooms are prohibited for both sexes in any case.

  • We are preparing at the Mori-machi public hall together with the female changing room and the men's changing room. 

  • You can put your luggage in the changing room, but please bring your valuables with you.
  • There is no installation of garbage box etc in the changing room. Please take garbage home by yourself.
  • Closing room will be closed at 20:00 on both days. After this time, the staff enters the cleaning room etc of the changing room regardless of gender and so, please exit clothing change etc before 19:30 and exit.
  • After changing the changing room, we will keep the forgotten items left in the change room with the staff, but please understand that we can not respond to lost etc.

≪About photography of the official photographer≫

  • An official photographer is in the hall. Official photographer will shoot by shouting a voice to everyone at the venue so please do not hesitate to speak to those who wish to shoot.

  • An official photographer is in the hall. Official photographer will shoot by shouting a voice to everyone at the venue so please do not hesitate to speak to those who wish to shoot.

  • If possible, it will be appreciated if you can post to the homepage etc of the photograph with the intention to tell the pleasure of the event to various fields after next year. However, if you are not allowed to use the images, we will not post anything. However, please tell the photographer that you do not want to shoot, if you would like to be able to shoot even those who can not post it.

  • If you have a means (SNS message) etc. that you can send the captured image etc, please apply to the photographer at the time of shooting. When you apply, I would like to send you the picture you shot as much as possible.

  • The aim is to just give the photographs of the situation where the photographer of the official photographer is participating in the event to everyone of the participants. Whether or not to use the image and whether to use the image are different, so if you would like to withhold permission to use the image but want to shoot, do not hesitate to tell the official photographer that you want to shoot.


Official photographer's business card

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